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August - September 2022

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What is Tapestries of Grief ?

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In Tapestries of Grief, we invite everyone who has lost a loved one to explore and express their grief.  We give the bereaved a voice in teaching us the best ways we can support them. We learn how to weave a supportive tapestry together.


Tapestries of Grief  is a national festival that aims to let us explore and experience our emotions surrounding the loss of our loved ones and learn how to support persons in grief.

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Tapestries of Grief returns this year to highlight the bereaved’s voice, listen to their experiences and create a space for grief to be witnessed, navigated and supported in a nationwide event.

 By giving the bereaved a voice in sharing and expressing their grief journey, we learn how to be a compassionate community in supporting the bereaved.

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"Grief is the price we pay for love."

Queen Elizabeth II

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Tapestries of Grief 2022 represents the spirit of a community that comes together to remember our loved ones through five main foci - Poems for Our Grief,  Places for Our Grief, Music for Our Grief, Food for Our Grief and Acts of Kindness for Our Grief.


These depict how our most intimate and meaningful memories of and with our loved one are often found in the simple, everyday experiences of life which weave intricately into a tapestry of love and togetherness.

The Concept

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Each of us will experience the loss of a loved one in our lives, yet every one of us experiences grief differently.


Grief is unique yet universal.

Bereaved persons’ experiences are shaped not only by themselves. They are impacted by everyone who comes into contact with them – family members, friends, faith communities, neighbours, colleagues, even coffeeshop stall owners who know them by face.

Everyone helps to weave the unique tapestry of a person’s grief experience.

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