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- Thea Voutiritsas

“Reading or writing poetry creates a space for empathy, for seeing another person, for bearing witness to our common humanity.”

Please share a poem that is created with the name of your loved one in mind. Do also share a photo, including the name of your loved one and your relationship with them!

Remember to add your name as this will help you search for it in time to come.

Here’s how you write an acrostic poem:


Name of Loved One

Image by Kenny Eliason


Image by Kenny Eliason


Poems for Our Grief

Writing a poem about our loved one gives voice to our grief and allows us to remember them. It is a way of reminiscing the times that have been spent together. It helps us find the words for our experiences and provides relief.

By submitting, you  give  permission  for  your poem  to be  published  by TOG and viewed by others as  part  of  our collective narrative. Please also refer to our Community Guidelines when posting.

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Ode to Mummy

Man with Guitar


We felt broken when we knew

But your strength brought the pieces together.

Then the clock struck and you had to go

And I was angry when you left.

Why did you leave?

Why didn’t you wait?

Why not in my presence?

Why with others present instead?

I tell myself it was because of love,

And I keep telling myself it IS because of love.

So with that love I continue my journey

And in this journey I grow stronger with your love.

I thank you for your life Coz without you I wouldn’t be here today.

I thank you for your strength Coz without seeing that I wouldn’t have this strength today.

I thank you for being YOU Coz it makes me smile whenever I remember you today.

I thank you for all your love Coz that is your legacy we remember you by.

The Ring

Man with Guitar

Gershon Liew

On the hills of Taormina

She once lost our wedding band

With our names engraved within,

Her name and mine

And the date that marked

The start of our union.

I was upset for awhile.

One hour. Perhaps two.

But it could be replaced.

It could be remade.

Off to the ringmaker we went,

And our ring was replaced.

It was made whole again.

In the fields of Cambridge

I lost my wedding partner

Now engraved within my heart,

Her name was mine

And the date that marked

The end of our union.

I will be upset for awhile.

One year. Perhaps two.

But she cannot be replaced.

She will never be remade.

Off to the Maker she went,

Our love was never replaced.

But she is now whole again.

My Response to Loss

Man with Guitar


You know, I adore your surprise gifts.

This time, you surprised me with your death.

You never wanted me to cry;

Now, you make me cry like an ocean.

You helped me to find happiness amidst of chaos; Now, you take all my happiness with you.

You never left me alone to face any battles;

Now, I am on my own.

I always accompanied you on all your journeys,

Why did you exclude me in your journey to heaven?

Grand daughter

Man with Guitar

Abigail Yang

Grateful for your graciousness

Remembering your relentless love

Always so accepting of my wilfulness

Never failing to receive me with open arms

Devoting your last 30 years on this earth to nurture me

Memories of you is precious

Always remembering you my dearest Ah Ma


Man with Guitar


Every time when I check my mobile phone,

I hope to receive a message or a call from you.

Every single thing reignites memories of you.

I couldn’t revive you but I can keep your soul alive.

I miss you every femtosecond…

If I miss your calm face and voice, I will view the old pictures and


If I miss you calling me baby, I will read your messages.

If I miss your cooking, I will try to recreate your culinary magic.

If I miss having a conversation with you, I will look up to the sky.

If I miss your touch, surround me like a Breeze.

You wish me to be happy and strong, I will try.

I am gonna follow your dreams just to make you smile more in heaven.

Peering into Grief

Man with Guitar


Awareness Arising

Observing the waves of emotions

Forming Non-Dualistic and Non-Attachment

Guided with Compassion for Self and Others

Patience endures

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